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Gain unlimited access to thousands of high-quality accompaniment recordings with melody-emphasized “teach tracks”, hundreds of vocal exercises, unlimited requests for new accompaniments and other great learning resources - for only $9.99/month!

VV Accompaniment Library

Thousands of high-quality piano accompaniment recordings, with melody emphasized “teach tracks”, sample performance videos, character breakdowns, program notes, translations, and more.

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Vocal Exercises

Hundreds of warm-ups and exercises for every voice type by a variety of respected Broadway and classical voice teachers.

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High schools, colleges, and universities can provide full access to Virtually Vocal for all registered voice students and faculty for one low annual fee.  In addition, teachers are provided with support and a custom dashboard that allows them to easily assign repertoire to their students and track progress, upload their own exercises and accompaniments, request new songs, and manage their voice studios.

Voice Teacher Accounts

Get full access to Virtually Vocal, a custom dashboard of cutting edge teaching tools, and discounted access to VV for all your students. Voice teacher accounts allow you to assign repertoire to your students, upload your own exercises and accompaniments, request new songs to be added to the VV Accompaniment Library, and manage your voice studio – for only $9.99/month.


Bring one of our customized vocal master classes with cast members from the Broadway national touring companies to your studio or school. Our master teachers work with students to improve vocal technique, audition and performance technique, and acting and movement through song as well as provide students with a rare look into the life a professional performer.


  • I love the technique exercises on Virtually Vocal. It's great to be able to test out a variety of exercises, and even more importantly, to combine them into multiple playlists that I can use before different auditions or performances.
    -Lauren Johnson

  • Virtually Vocal has been an invaluable tool allowing me to test out different songs at home so I can spend my coaching sessions working on songs I like as opposed to searching for new music. My audition book has grown so much since I started my Virtually Vocal subscription and I love the ability to request new accompaniments if I want to work on a song that isn't in your database.
    -Jessica Grantis

  • Virtually Vocal saved my last minute audition! It it simple to use, fast, and is very helpful. The large selection of songs is great to browse for and get ideas for the next audition song too!
    -Sarah Burns

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